Sunday, May 11, 2008

Summer heat

The heat of a Texas summer is a depressing reality--both literally and figuratively. It weighs upon the body and soul, threatening to deplete one of any creative desire or pursuit. I feel drained of all energy and inclination--I am void of life in the sweltering heat of the South. The sweat which pores down my body and soaks my hairline ruins a good shower. My exposed legs stick to the leather seat of my car and threaten to peel the skin from my bones with great force. The air conditioning fights against the heat that rages outside and creates an indoor Arctic region--my haven. Any hint of a breeze or wind lifts my spirits to the heavens. How have I lived in this place for the majority of my life? I think it's time to move...


angie_shanehair said...

Lauren, I have loved reading all of your comments. It´s so great hearing from dear friends and such.

What´s going on with your summer? Or is that a question that you cannot even answer?

I didn´t actually eat the bug. It was spit out promptly after it fell into my mouth. I´m pretty sure that I´ve eaten more bugs than I would like to admit since I´ve been here. Oh well.

angie_shanehair said...


Dandeliongum said...

Lauren! I love you- I miss you- I will be calling soon!