Friday, May 16, 2008

The job search and conspiracy theories

Apparently acquiring employment is not as simple as I originally assumed. Starbucks does NOT hire part time, which basically kills my dreams of ever working there--who cares--they are way over commercialized anyway...right? Well, upon this discovery, I then inquired at a much cuter, local coffee shop up the road from my house. Upon inquiry, the lovely woman behind the counter, named Judy, informed me with a sad look on her face that she "was not hiring at this time." The story of my life. Either, too little time, too much training required, or simply no availability. Am I then doomed to waste my summer days away in meaningless anguish? (Dramatic sarcasm intended). Oh, and I have officially decided--the entire world is one huge materialistic conspiracy. Everyone, and I mean everyone is trying to sell you something, and they will do it by lying to you, schmoozing you--anything to convince you to purchase some unnecessary something for a purpose that our material society has foisted on our collective Psyche--ridiculous, I say. We have somehow convinced ourselves that we need these things: new underwear to match the new shorts we just bought, or new running shoes, or a new cell phone, a better computer, or perhaps another pair of superfluous earrings that we will never wear--nonsense, I say--despite my own acknowledged weaknesses. So, no job and thus no money to buy unnecessary things...perfect. And to add to this perfection, my best friend just left for Africa, and will be gone the majority of the summer--shall we say elated? I think not, but as Scarlet from Gone with the Wind declared--"tomorrow is another day." And so it is...

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Dandeliongum said...

new underwear to match new shorts? hahahaha

then i should be wearing camo or khaki underwear with pockets when i work at the zoo. heh heh heh