Thursday, May 22, 2008

Job interviews and dark chocolate

Finally--an interview. I called the natural foods store, near my house, this morning and the manager told me to come in for an interview at two o'clock--I instantly agreed. I showered and made myself presentable, but sadly forgot to brush my teeth--great first impression. I entered the store eager, ready, nervous. It's a grocery store! Nonetheless...I inquired at the nearest register, "Is your manager available." The woman I asked proceeded to call him loudly over the store intercom. Interviews are such strange things--I felt as if I was trying as hard as I could to sell myself (figuratively speaking) in order to get the job--but, I suppose that's the road of employment. They look at countless applicants and you must set yourself apart somehow. Nonetheless, I don't enjoy prostituting myself for any job (forgive the terminology). The manager told me they (the proverbial "they") would evaluate my application over the weekend and let me know about the job on Monday or Tuesday--thank God.

I spent another enjoyable evening with my parents. My mother allowed me to cook dinner--a simple meal of tamales, brown rice and salad. It was oddly gratifying to simply cook. We ate, and talked, sipped wine and talked some more. There is something so pleasant in stimulating conversation--despite differences in opinion. We then took our evening walk around the neighborhood, which is turning into quite a chore as the heat and humidity of South Texas rapidly increases. Tonight I was assigned the job of walking the dog (usually Alie's job, but her absence forced me into the role). Loretta (Alie' dog) is an incorrigible animal. Let me just say--she does not respond to other animals very well--I eventually let Dad walk her. Upon returning home, we then spent the evening reading together in the living room, sipping tea, exchanging excerpts from our books, attempting to concentrate on our books and nibbling bits of dark chocolate. No job--yet--but still life...

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