Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My heart aches at present. I have been torturing myself by looking at pictures, which all of my friends at JBU have just posted, who have been on choir tour--in Northern Ireland. Oh, how I wish to return! I know I am foolish, but I feel as if it were my trip and that they are somehow stealing it from me--utterly foolish, I know. As I look at what was my home for three months, where I grew and experienced so much--my heart could just burst for want of going there again! How I long to return to that time and relive it--the conversations, the indescribable beauty, the people, the times of solitude...all of it. But, that was then and this is now and I cannot return; I cannot go back to what was. I am here now, but now what...?

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ohlakesidegirl said...

My Dear Lauren,
I completely understand your heart ache over the Ireland Choir pictures. I felt almost exactly the same, except I had terrible feelings of jealousy and longing to go to a place I have never before been. You long to return...I long to just go...somewhere! You are understood, my dear. :)
Sarah D (from beloved JBU) :)