Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunsets and Motorbikes

Still jobless, but learning...I believe I am finally settling into the routine, or un-routine of home. My usual routine driven self is being chased away amidst the structureless nature of my life at present. I am learning to appreciate minute parts of a day, things for which I usually pass over and take little notice. Meals eaten together as a family and savored over conversation are daily events which I now look forward to with annticipation. In addition to the walks following, which are taken with pleasure. A cup of coffee in the morning is drunk with thanks and consumed slowly, with relish. Chapters in a book no longer pass drudgingly by in expectation of the next, but are instead studied and pondered, underlined and thought through. Letters written and received hold the beautiful weight of love and care. Phone conversations with friends far away are laced with the joy of connection.

I experienced one small joy of life tonight as I walked around my neighborhood with my mother and sister. We went out a bit earlier than usual and the sun was just setting. As we rounded one corner and turned to come home, I stopped, awe struck. My mother's favorite colors were encompassed in the canvas of the sky. Cotton candy pink clouds lay atop the robin egg blue sky. The colors mingled together in beautiful harmony. I stopped and gave thanks. Perhaps some of the purpose this summer lies in this--awareness.

Another beautiful facet of life presented itself in the form of a mini-motorbike. Also on the walk, mentioned above, I witnessed a grown man precariously situated and driving a miniture motorcyle. It was beyond hilarious. I felt as if I was watching a circus act and half-expected a fat woman or an elephant to emerge from somewhere. The quirky bits of life and wonderous, when noticed and appreciated.

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