Friday, October 9, 2009


Constructive criticism generally makes us stronger, yes? I believe so, on the whole; however, I also think that perpetual criticism over a long period can create imperceptible and unseen weaknesses to ones permanent ego or ideas of self-worth. It's like a building that is being attacked during a siege for example: one or two hard blows may not cause much damage, but incessant and determined blows can cause irreparable damage. And it is so with people. We are strong, and arguably made stronger by "constructive criticism," but be careful humanity how often you dish out said constructive advice, because you may or may not be creating hurts that are not easily healed. The old proverb is wise: "Think before you speak..."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What makes life bearable? Manageable? Livable? Many things--but, for me, it's people. People make life worth living. Good or bad, individuals give value and meaning to my existence. My existence is ultimately to seek after and Glorify my Father, and I feel I do that predominately through my relationships with people. I am fascinated by people. I will never fully understand them, but I hope to spend my life attempting to learn more. I love people. I have been hurt by many, but I do not think I will ever cease to open myself up to the possibility, because with that comes the possibility not only for hurt, but for beautiful things that would not be possible without the other. It's worth it.

I had an incredible conversation tonight with an old, but good friend. We talked of transitions, ideals, hopes, dreams, passions, futures, jobs, and the like. It was utterly refreshing and stimulating: the kind of conversation you live for, the kind of conversation that rekindle the buried ideals of your heart. And it reminded me of one reason I love people--they inspire me. We talked a great deal about the fact that life is what you make it, what you bring to it, what you take away from it, etc. and I realized afresh--it's the damn truth. I can bemoan life eternally and miss it, or I can face it, embrace and ask my Father what He wants it to be. It's all about what you make it...

Monday, October 5, 2009


The resolve of humanity is weak. Or at least mine is. It seems that we are always making resolutions: new year's resolutions, resolutions to spend more time learning a foreign language, resolving to consume fewer calories and exercise more frequently, and on the whole, resolutions to be a better person. Yet, it also seems that people in general, me specifically, lack the gumption required to stick to said resolutions. And it's maddening. Is it weakness? Or simply laziness? Or is it something else altogether? I have yet to decide.

We all suffer from thwarted resolutions, whether by our own hand or by unforeseen outside forces. What does it take for resolutions to be pursued and actually maintained? Is it inevitable that our resolutions will fail? Or rather, has it become so customary that we expect nothing less, so our resolves begin frail and insipid? I feel positive outside forces are required. Accountability or incentive seems necessary for the weakness that is inherent in the resolve of humanity, or perhaps simply in my resolve...

Friday, October 2, 2009

The breaking dawn...

If only we could keep the euphoric feelings that come on the wings of a dawn. Mornings bring the cliche, "new beginning," or "fresh start," or whatever it is you want to call it, but it is most profound. Upon first waking, there is the realization that whatever happened the previous day, whether good or bad, is past and what stretches before you is completely void of yesterday. We are not bound by our past, but rather set free by the endless possibilities of our future. It's a wonderful feeling. The concept that anything is possible within a new day--that is freedom enough to put the despair of yesterday at bay, if only for a time..."today is a new day."