Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The rainy days are beginning to set in here in Northern Ireland. You have to wonder whether its actually morning when you wake because there is so little sun to indicate the time of day. We have lecture in the boy's house and today was particularly rainy and blustery. The wind howled about the house, moaning and sighing its way through our studies. It matched well the subject matter-W.B Yeats and his inquiries of death and the after life. Our professor, Derrick Bingham, read with passion his lecture notes about Yeats and his life as the rain danced upon the window pains.
These days require an umbrella and raincoat for any out of door activities. The wind and rain chase you indoors as soon as possible, out of the elements. Tea has particular appeal as of late. A cozy house, a warm radiator and a delicious book are most attractive to the senses on rainy days in Ireland...

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yellow said...

I so love your description of rainy days in Ireland...wish I could join you for a cup of tea!