Monday, October 15, 2007


Coffee is a grownup thing. This cliché statement essentially sums up my feelings and sentiments regarding the dark, brewed drink of the adult world. I feel that it somehow by acquiring a taste and a palate for this drink; one essentially passes from the world of childhood to adulthood. It signals a right of passage, if you will. I sadly feel immensely grown and mature when I can proudly brew my own coffee and drink it with wondrous satisfaction or when I can order it at restaurant after a meal and sip it with pleasure. This "adult" drink has somehow brought me into a world of late night studying and deep conversations, early morning revere and much more. In reality, all of this existed before, but it somehow seems more novel and wonderful when accompanied by a good cup of coffee. I have arrived...where yet I do not know...


Kristie said...

as a recent coffee convert (and now an avid coffee drinker and partner of the largest commercial coffee shop) i agree.

as simple as it is, it isn't. do you know that your tongue has regions for its taste buds? And that a latin american coffee, for instance, will spark the taste buds on the side strips of your tongue (which detect a citrus flavor). And that a bold roast from africa will sit more prominently on the back of your tongue?

coffee is grown up, i think, because (much like adulthood), it seems like it should be more simple and easier to figure out, but it isn't. it's just more intricate.

i love you. and i got your letter the other day (which was fantastic and inspiring and made me miss wednesdays more than ever). one is one the way. be surprised still.

GLB said...

Hmm...I had never thought so deeply about coffee. I think perhaps I am in between the child and adult stage as I prefer the fru fru drinks...iced coffee blends with whipped think of growing out of that stage onto drinking black "adult" coffee is an absolutely depressing thought. :)

I love you sister.