Thursday, October 18, 2007


The concept of identity is an ethereal "thing." What determines ones identity? Where does one place their security? Material possessions, physical appearance, intellect, independence, relationships-what? The nature of all of these things is that they are temporal; they are ever-changing and altering. Things that flux are not generally safe to place ones identity in. Yet, most humans do this very thing. We look to all that will ultimately leave us empty and unfulfilled, yet we persist in this course of tenuous identity. I tire of placing myself in things that change and shift. It wearies my spirit to be so uncertain and ever changing. I desire stability and Constance. I want to be secure in my identity. I know it is possible, but much is first required of me-namely my surrender....a thing I am still loath to part with. Which is it then, my identity or my will-the choice is ours.

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