Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I hate the emptiness that preempts separation. There always arises within me an unbearable sadness, when thinking and preparing to part from those I love, those close and familiar. It is the kind of hollowness that occurs upon leaving relatives after a wonderfully long visit. It is the sadness and emptiness of a dormitory when all its occupants have scattered to the winds for holiday. It is the loneliness of a home or room of a loved one, when they have vacated your life yet again. It is the emptiness that people leave. Places and occasions hold little significance when not accompanied by human fellowship. I hate the separation and emptiness which ensues upon such occasions, but the beauty of life is that reunion is eminent, both now and eternally...

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Gabrielle said...

i like this. you pick good subject matter. here you are using the first person, but i still think it could have more impact, to the point where you actually make the reader FEEL the emptiness, not only hear about it and relate. could i maybe try rewriting it to show you what i mean? i have my own stylistic preferences, of course, and i don't want to conform you to my way of writing, but i would like to coach you in the concept of "show, don't tell."
love you