Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Autumn in the fish and chips shop

The first thing I noticed upon entering the shop was the mesmerizing Jack-O-Lantern which sat perched atop the counter, its face grinning facetiously at me. The fish and chips shop smelt strongly of grease and fried things. I sat against the window smelling the fish as it fried in the oil. Glowing, orange, smiling pumpkin faces tittered above my head in a string of lights. A hideous looking witch hung suspended in the corner of the window, welcoming the customers. The sly grins of the various Jack-O-Lanterns spoke of the arrival of autumn and the coming holidays. The first day of October, the harvest has come and the leaves will soon change, altering more than simply the countryside. This fall will bring with it change and alteration as colorful as the season…

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