Friday, July 4, 2008

The Sleeping Monster

They are odd things--insecurities. They lie dormant and silent, but lethal and waiting. They are tricky in that they often make you believe you have bested them, subdued their ferocity, but you are sadly deceived. They have only lulled you into a false sense of security, when truly they are growing in power, might and intensity while you function and live unawares. Then, one day, they arise more tenacious and ugly than you ever could have expected and crush what you believed were strong spirits. They can arrive with a new person, a new place or a new swim suit--doesn't matter--they will take what they can get...


Jason said...

they are indeed odd. this reminded me of a piece of a poem I wrote on my xanga (private).

Time teaches me that this bitter aftertaste
Of the past need not apply as
You clean away the cobwebs
In this old attic of insecurities that I’d
Not known was there.

take heart--He lovingly discards them and restores what they took from us

Gabrielle said...