Sunday, July 20, 2008

Politics Shmolitics

"Euphoria in politics is an invitation for disappointment,"

I formally loathed politics and all that it entailed; however, I am slowly beginning to understand the need to be educated and aware of current events--a thing I have overlooked for far too long. I am a citizen of this world and all that occurs does concern me in some way, whether or not directly. I do feel continually frustrated by the pettiness of politics, the idiocy, the short-sightedness--all of it, everywhere. But, I cannot ignore it simply because it infuriates me. A fly might infuriate me, but I cannot ignore its presence forever, at some point, I must deal with the fly--perhaps a poor illustration...nonetheless, it is here and I am here and we must coexist and effect each other--me and politics.

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Gabrielle said...

:sigh: me too... please help me do this in the coming school year... push me, lauren. make me sit down and read the news with you. and then when we can't handle it anymore because it's making us so upset, we can just stop and pray. hey, maybe you can host a current events/prayer time in your townhouse?