Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Lady in Red

She hobbles along the side of the road, her small frame bent with age. Her lower jaw is set out and forward, determined yet patient in her course. Her face is a weathered brown, decorated by deep set wrinkles about her eyes and mouth. Her gait is painful; she seems to be favoring her right leg. She is wearing red. Everyday she wears red: a red skirt, or red blouse, or red shoes, or jewelry--everyday something is always red. Each morning I observe this her tranquil journey past the streets of downtown San Antonio and I wonder, who is the lady in red...?


Jason said...

this is great :)

Gabrielle said...

aww! i love her! what a precious description! i wish i could see her with you :)

Gabrielle said...

i want a story to come out of this... please? i will help you write it if you want :)