Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The incongruities of youth

It is intriguing--what we do. The inconsistencies abound. The incongruities amaze. It seems to me, being of the "youthful generation," that we are extremely inconsistent. I feel the authority to say this because, well, I am inconsistent. Because of our youth--my youth--we believe we are, in a sense, invincible. Because of this fact, we also believe our actions now will not impact our lives later, or at least we act this way. The current pleasures prevail over the unseen future. I can attest to this madness of mind. I bake in the sun as a lifeguard, acquiring a golden brown tint for the brief months of summer, not considering the consequences, only the immediate results. I do not consider the sun spots that will most likely appear gradually and cruelly as I age--I simply think of now. Other examples: we smoke, drink, sleep around--OK not everyone does ALL of these things--they are examples. "We" universally. The present always prevails. We inhale smoke for the pleasure of the moment and for the sake of socialization and conversation, but then spend $$ on expensive creams to keep our skin looking youthful--inconsistent? I think so--and I know so--because I do so. We seem to be taking two steps forward and one step back, knowingly. These thoughts are not meant to condemn, for if so, I condemn myself, but rather to comment upon the amazing incongruities of my generation...and myself.


Molly said...

I think a lot of us don't even realize the inconsistency. Once we do, we can't understand why we've always done it or why we've always thought/acted a certain way. It's not logical, but we've never thought about it. How do you go about changed these pre-conceived mindsets? Dialogue one person at a time? Advertising? Entertainers with consistent values?

Gabrielle said...

(sorry, dear, i've been a little behind, but i have read everything you've posted recently... just haven't commented :/ i'll try to keep up better, but i'll be gone for a couple of weeks starting a week from now, so i won't get a chance to read... but i love you! keep writing!)