Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A look

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that is all too true. The eyes communicate great depth of emotion. They betray the looker and divulge infinitely more than words could speak. A single look can impart extreme love or extreme hatred and every extreme in between. A glance of indifference can send an anxious lover to the grave. A judgemental eye can pierce the heart of a friend and wound the soul beyond repair. There is a great deal encompassed within a mere look, the scars of which are not easily erased...a look is worth a thousand words.


LAstar said...


ok, so, question. i have often wondered if it is just the look in the eyes or if it is the expression etched on the entire face that does the communicating. is it solely the eyes, or is it the eyes and everything else?

honestly, just wondering :)

Lauren S. said...

My friend, I think you're right in a sense--it is truly the entire visage--good point. How the heck are you?

LAstar said...

i am glad to know your thoughts on this - i have wondered about it a lot.

i am doing great!!!! God is good!

haha, so i was looking through some pictures today - and i found the pics of us at prom and at WVA. hahaha so funny!!!!!! :) :)

how are you?!?! :)

Gabrielle said...

you have beautiful and expressive eyes... which is why it's so much better to talk to you in person, probably. i miss all of your adorable mannerisms... including all of the ones that we seem to swap back and forth, hehe :) communal mannerisms! we are preeeeecioussss! (i got that one from you, haha)