Friday, November 2, 2007

The Presence of God

The name of the study is Lydia, named for the Lydia of the Bible. We read a passage of Scripture, out of John specifically. Then, we took about twenty minutes of silence to reflect, meditate and pray about the passage after reading through it again. We then came together as a group (only women) and shared our thoughts, insights, perspectives-which all differed greatly! After this we prayed together-oh the Spirit was present! He moved in our hearts and spoke to us individually and wonderfully. Hearts that want to serve Him and love Him fully are beautiful things. Passion and the all-consuming love of God in women of God is incredible-so encouraging! We are to die to self. We must learn to hate this life in order to find true and everlasting life in Him-such a paradox of truth! Our nature rejects such concepts. We are self-preserving beings, why would we want to lose ourselves? But, that is the way, that is where followers of Christ are called: to lay down ones rights and die to live. The phoenix is brought to new life in its own death and ashes, so must we find life anew in death-only then can we truly live...

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Gabrielle said...

"We are self-preserving beings, why would we want to lose ourselves?"

i, for one, am discontent to be only who i am. there is something, Someone so much better... hallelujah! let the losing begin! <3