Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crowds and Individuals

I find that when traversing my way through the crowded streets of Belfast, faces and people appear as mere blurs, nameless characters with no meaning or individuality. People begin to all look the same, losing all sense of uniqueness. It is only when the maddening rush ceases and the crowds disperse into small groups, individuals emerge. It is in the small coffee shops and restaurants that the faces slow down and I see people, separate from the masses. It is until those moments that I remember to look at people as unique creations and not simply as mass produced clumps of sameness. I am able to see personal stories and experiences-people emerge from the crowd and become is indeed a beautiful thing.


Gabrielle said...

i have a hard time focusing on anything when i'm in a coffeeshop... i love people-watching :)

Brit said...

i love you...i think i did a great job reading that outloud