Friday, November 23, 2007


I am far too much of a romantic. I attempt to live my life in the world of optimistic idealism. But, sadly I am often brought crashing down into the cold, harsh world of realism. Cruel reality grips my ideals and vindictively breaks them apart-leaving me with only my dreams, shattered, but real. I realize my ideals are exactly that-ideals, but I choose them over the harsh reality of this world. I would rather live deluded and idealistically deceived then to constantly live in the sad reality of life. Perhaps I should temper my world of ideology with a bit of reality, but I can not be persuaded to part from this that is part of my nature. I am an shoot me. This is who I am and I can be no one else besides myself. That is the key really-to arrive at a place where one is content with oneself-perhaps I am on the way...? Or perhaps instead, this is just another silly ideal?

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Gabrielle said...

you have an idealistic personality, it's nothing you can change. like i told grace (who is also highly idealistic by nature), it unfortunately often gets used against you. but each personality experiences this in one way or another, whatever trait it may be. the truth is, God has a very good purpose for idealists in the body. they are able to see something other people can't see. the trouble comes when "reality" comes, as you say, crashing in. the solution to this is to let Jesus be both your reality and the source of your idealism. your idealism must align with him, or else you will be living alone in a world of dreams-- which can be dangerous. He is the completion of our personalities, the balance. let Him teach you how to be.

*we should revisit this subject together sometime in conversation; it is by no means exhausted.