Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Amazing Grace

Beautiful, glorious, amazing grace...we were just assigned our final research project in our literature class and I could not be more excited. Professor Bingham gave us a most relevant topic: our assignment is to trace the story of William Wilberforce and his Christian faith which helped lead him to become the conscience of the British people. Flipping awesome! I feel like Jesus speaks in such mysterious ways...We watched a documentary in class today regarding modern slavery and my heart was gripped. The slave trade has not been completely conquered-thousands around the world still live within the bonds of slavery. William Wilberforce was a single man, but a man called of God. He tenaciously fought to end the horrors of the slave trade; he did not give-for over twenty years he worked and labored to end the trade and possession of his fellowman. What is God calling me to? I am just one girl, young and naive, but why could he not use me for His purposes? I have passion for his people and more than that, for freedom, both physical and spiritual. I surrender what I have for His call-may I be prepared for what He gives me...

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Gabrielle said...

why could He not use you, indeed?

i know He will.