Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An afternooon with the Crofts

It is our second to last Wednesday in Northern Ireland. Billy and Mindi surprised us by arriving early on Monday and shocking us tremendously. Our group took a wee walk down the road to Richard and Amanda Croft's home this afternoon to enjoy minced pies, hot drinks, Christmas crackers, good conversation and general Christmas cheer. The Croft's home is lovely and hidden with wondrous old surprises. Richard played us delicious old records on his gramophone, which dates back to the 1890's, and the records he played us were from the big band age of the 1920's. It was transporting. I felt myself pulled back to the days of women in boyish fitting dresses, with shortly cropped hair, and wee hats, dancing away to music of brass and the like. We toured their house further and surveyed their extensive art collection (they are both professional artists). Carrie, Jill and I settled ourselves in their reading room, having discovered a wonderfully old book of Irish wit and humor, entitled "Brave Crack." We proceeded to read aloud selected verses and poems with the best and most dramatic Irish accents we could muster. Their house inspired the mind and wakened the soul to great thought. I mourn at the idea of leaving this place...

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