Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life Learnings part I

I'm learning a lot right now, a lot. It's kind of overwhelming sometimes. There are multiple lists. Such as:

Thing's I'm learning I'm ok with...

1. I'm ok being alone

2. I'm ok with just "being"

3. I'm ok with silence

4. I'm ok with stillness

5. I'm ok with my style

6. I'm ok with staying in on the weekends

7. I'm ok with saying no

8. I'm ok with awkward situations

9. I'm ok with people not liking me

10. I'm ok seeking and maybe not always finding

11. I'm ok with the process

12. I'm ok with not being ok

13. I'm ok with me

And that's the short list...

To be continued.

1 comment:

Leaning On Grace said...

I'm glad you are ok being you because I am not friends with some other person, I'm friends with you.