Saturday, February 26, 2011


Agreements. We enter into them constantly, and many without our consent or knowledge. But, the type of agreement I am referring to is not with an earthly being, but rather with the prince and power of the air. Satan. Our enemy. He is cunning and constant in his deceptions. And we are sadly all too often deceived.

Agreements are two-sided. There is the one who proposes the agreement and the one who accepts it. And in this case, there is one--Satan--who proposes the agreement, and us, who accept the terms of the agreement. But, the key to understand is that it requires consent. We are not bound except by ourselves.

There are thousands upon thousands of agreements that we enter into daily with our enemy...

"Everyone else is happy because they are in relationship, and I am not because I am alone."

"I married the wrong person."

"I am unhappy because I don't have ______"

"Life is unjust because _______"

The list goes on, and on, and on. It's disheartening to realize how many I have myself agreed to, and still agree to, without evening knowing it...

First, we must identity what "our agreements" are. Second, we need to meet with the Lord and ask Him to break these agreements and free us from ourselves. Because, truly, we keep ourselves bound by these faulty agreements, and we can't even see it.

Free me Lord...

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