Sunday, February 13, 2011


What does true, Biblical community look like? And is it even possible in our very disjointed modern age? I feel as if I was much more enthused in terms of communal living while in college--in an ideal community--but having since emerged into the "real world" I am less enthused and sadly more skeptical. I don't know if it's possible. And I hate that I'm even saying that. I haven't lost the vision entirely, because I do believe we are called to live in Biblical community; however, it seems less plausible now that I see and experience the disparate nature of modern, adult life. It would have to be so intentional, so deliberate. And it would require not only a huge alteration of thought, but more importantly a genuine conviction and transformation of the heart. We can speak of ideals and noble notions all day long, but unless the Holy Spirit moves us to action, all efforts are void and vain, I'm afraid. But, the idea or ideal of Biblical community truly appeals to the very basic parts of me. I long for the kind of community I believe God intended for His church. But, have we lost the capacity for it...? To be continued.

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