Friday, March 4, 2011


We all say it, all the time. "I miss _____." : You. That feeling. That person. That circumstance. That thing. But, what do we really miss? Is it really you, or that feeling, that person, that circumstance, or that thing? Or is it something so much deeper, more basic, and more lasting. Is it the God-created yearning for more? The very essence of the eternal interwoven, invisible into all aspects of our lives...? Perhaps. I think yes. It's like there is this perpetual, continuous longing inherent within all of us. A longing for the eternal. The never-ceasing ache for what we were really meant for. And it manifests itself in the all the missings & the longings of the world. Perhaps its a good thing to miss, painful though it is. It reminds us that there is indeed something more, something better, something eternal. Something worth missing.

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juci said...

yeah,when I say someone: I miss you, I mean..I miss being with you, I miss your point of view, your being, that feeling, that I feel when I'm with you. I miss that God's presence that bless us when we are together. and I also miss that everthing I can realise when I'm with you.
yeah. I long for more. eternal. that is worth missing.
God created an amazing being in you, Lauren. you're amazing when you are youself.