Sunday, May 1, 2011


They say it's the best policy.

I think it's a beautiful thing myself.


I prize it above most virtues, and strive for it in myself and seek it in others.

It's a wonderful thing when people can be honest with each other. It's so, freeing. And yet, people are so often dishonest with one another, and with themselves.

I think the difficulty is that at it's core honesty is vulnerability. When we're totally honest, we're exposed, all of our cards on the table. It's pretty naked.

And not everyone enjoys being naked. It's uncomfortable, painful. But, there is also a beauty in this nakedness, this honesty.

You risk much when being honest, when being naked--both to gain and to lose. I believe more to gain. But, when we're not honest we're holding back, hiding something, trying to play our cards just right. It's like a game, dishonesty.

And honesty is not safe per say--in that you risk losing much--but it is safe in that you risk gaining far more than you could have imagined. Take the risk.

I prefer reaping honesty. All I have is gratitude for it's outcomes.

It is after all, the best policy.

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