Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"The answers aren't in your head"

I'm a thinker, and a ponderer of life. An analyzer. And, an over-analyzer. I've always thought that if I thought enough about something I could figure it out. I never stop thinking, figuring, pondering, dwelling. I'm a terrible dweller. People have told me, "Lauren, it would be exhausting to be in your head." And they're right, it's pretty constant. I don't know how to be otherwise. This is just me.

But, I had a friend tell me recently, "Lauren, the answers aren't in your head." Profound. For me, thinking has always lent itself to answers, to understanding, to clarity, but I am finding that is not unanimous in fact. For some things, some circumstances, some answers, there is no amount of thinking or figuring that will alter the outcome. Again, profound. For me. Somewhat discouraging, yet more encouraging in truth. It relieves some of the constant pressure in my head to figure, understand, grasp, manage.

Because after all, the answers aren't in my head...

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