Friday, March 18, 2011


What does it mean? Sabbath. Is it simply an antiquated Judeo-Christian concept that isn't relevant to modern society? Or, is it a beautiful, timeless, God-institutided discipline that we have tragically lost sight of in our hectic, non-stop, multi-tasking, overworked, society? Sadly, I think it's the latter.

Where have we gone wrong here? How have we come so far from a pattern of rhythm and rest?

We are meant for rest; God designed us that way. Yet, we fight Him like stubborn little children who won't lay down for nap time. We need a nap, badly, but we run from it like it's some sort of punishment. It's not! It's meant for our benefit. We run from what we need most: rest. Sabbath.

God designed the Sabbath with our frail humanity in mind. He created us with limitations, and then beautifully created a way in which we can function and live abundantly within those limitations. But, we must enter into that rest in order to partake in the abundant life. We must learn to stop. Be still. And know that He is God.

The Sabbath is profoundly about trust. Trusting that for one day, for one hour, for one minute, the world will survive without our undivided attention and management. Trusting that our Creator will sustain us (and the rest of the world that we think will collapse without us) for a day, an hour, a minute. But, we have to trust.

I know I need rest. I know I need Sabbath. I know I need to build this discipline into my life or I will never live the abundant life that was intended for me.

Now the question is, will I trust?

As inspired by a sermon on Sabbath rest by Ruth Haley Barton

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