Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art II

It's all about perception. Art. As with the saying, "beauty is in the eye..."

I love the concept of art, and the actuality, depending. Again, perception. It's individual.

It's a lot of pressure, I feel. To be thought artistic. The label "artistic" carries with it definite connotation and weighty responsibility, at least in my own insecure head. Perhaps it's because I long to be considered or deemed "artistic," yet don't feel as if I am worthy of the title.

Art should be free of such pressures, but sadly the world is not free of such pressures, and art exists within the world and its incessant expectations. The very nature of art aims to fly free of this messy web and exist beyond a world confined by convention, but it struggles, and often, against itself. As we often struggle against ourselves.

Art at its core is the epitome of individual expression.

Raw. Real. Beautiful.

Perhaps I am allowing the cultural definition of art--or my own definition of art--to intimidate and disallow me from enjoying and engaging with it various mediums as they are meant to be pursued. Perhaps it's my own individuality that hinders and not the art itself...

A friend once told me, "Lauren, you get in your own way." I think she was right. Now, the question is--how do I get out of my way?

To be explored.

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