Saturday, February 21, 2009


Life is pregnant with expectancy. We live and function within this realm of hope, expectation, longing. We hope for tomorrow, expect great things from the world, and long for what we cannot yet foresee. So much of what we do, our mental state, our emotions, our energies are tied up in the game of expectations. Expectations can both exalt and crush. With expectations comes the possibility joy and satisfaction, but likewise the sad reality of disappointment. Expectations are a fact of life, but we choose just how we will react to the results of our expectations. Paul encourages believers to be content, irregardless of circumstance. Expectations are circumstantial, inevitable, but circumstantial. We have a choice. We can still hope, expect, long, etc. but ultimately in remains within out power whether we will be exalted or no. Expectations are fact, but likewise our reactions. Choice. The beauty and terror of humanity.

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