Monday, February 16, 2009

Paradoxical things are women...

Women are odd beings. I cannot quite figure us out. We can be incredibly sweet, loving, and caring, etc. yet almost within an instant, we are able to turn inside out and become the most loathsome creatures imaginable. Our sweetness becomes embittered backbiting, our loving nature turns mean spirited; and such things are always directed towards other females--cattiness. The terrible truth is I recognize this paradoxical duel nature, because I live within its reality. How I loath it. The characteristics in others that are often most irksome or loathsome to us are often so because we ourselves possess them--as is the case with the cattiness that is innate in the female gender. I am able to recognize it so fully because I practice the terrible trade. I do not, however, believe that women are bound to this awful stereotype. Just as with any stereotype, it can be overcome; however, we must choose. Stereotypes are simple and unfortunately easy to embrace because it is truly not easy to be different, to stand out. I loath this part of my nature, but in this case, I believe I have a choice...we always have a choice.

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