Sunday, March 1, 2009

Relationships are Arbitrary

I am becoming more and more convinced that romantic entanglements are purely arbitrary. Perhaps this sentiment springs from cynical embitterment; however, I am confident it is based partially, if not entirely, in reality. I am continually amazed at the people who end up together. Really. Also, it astounds me to observe the people who so quickly transition from one relationship to another, non-pulsed. It almost seems that the person, that "significant other" is not the issue, but rather, they are simply a need-filler. We all possess a deep, etched hole within us that we attempt to fill with something--and often times it is a relationship. People seem to be, from my jaded perspective, indiscriminate when it comes to their romantic endeavors. Seemingly, anyone will do. We simply want someone to fill that hole. Tragic. Perhaps. True. I have no idea. I simply observe and draw my cynical conclusions.


James said...

Quite true...multiple conversations about this lately. Question it good or bad? Is that just how we as humans are, or is there a higher standard?

Lauren S. said...

I have yet to decide. But, my initial thought is bad...we shall talk more

angie_shanehair said...

True. True. I think there is some sort of collective consciousness going around that is causing relationships to go down the shitter left and right. Perhaps if we could learn how to accept who we are then maybe relationships could be a little more meaningful.