Friday, February 6, 2009

Deliberate living or no...?

I have been pondering a balance as of late. It is a balance of decisions. It is a tenuous daily pendulum swing between strict intentionality and deliberate living, contrasted by the impulse to simply allow life to come as it may. I struggle. I feel I live somewhere in the web between these two extremes. I attempt to live deliberately, being intentional with people and circumstances, yet I often yearn to simply engage with life as it meets me, instead of trying to pre-prescribe everything before it arrives. I must be intentional to a point, otherwise I will live with regret and un-pursued dreams; however, if I cannot learn to simply "go with the flow" and allow life to take me where it will, life will be awfully frustrating, because I will be out of control...and life is out of control, I better get used to it. Deliberate living or no..? I say yes and no.


James said...

Life seems to be about a tedious balance between two extremes. I have been having a lot of conversations with people recently, about a lot of different life issues, and they all seem to involve two extremes, and then a search to find some sort of a balance between the two.

Hard, but perhaps the joy of life. If we knew the right answer, the growth we experience trying to find that happy middle would be lost. I think I'd actually take that over having the answers handed to me on a plate.

Anyway...Good thoughts, as usual!

Annaka said...

this is all of our conversations lately . . .