Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Body

The Body of Christ is a beautifully ugly thing. We are redeemed and live in the Freedom of Christ and his shed blood, yet we continually turn our back upon His sacrifice with our lives, our complacency. The hypocrisy of the Body shouts louder than our love. The world sees liars, bigots. I am the worst offender. I read my Bible and become enthused with zeal for the cause of Christ and read books like Irresistible Revolution that speak about radical love, which fire my passion, yet I do not take action. Lord Christ forgive my complacency! I condemn with my heart those who live in comfort and luxury, but where is my sacrifice? Where lies my transforming passion for the poor, the outcast, the least of these? Even in the midst of these questions, Lord, I feel your forgiveness and am utterly humbled by your incomprehensible love--it is this love Lord which wil transform the world--how then shall we live? How then shall I live? Thank you Lord, for the Body--the beautifully ugly Body that is your Bride. We are depraved and broken, lost and in such need of You. May we, may I Lord show this brokenness to a broken world and scream your life with my life of hypocrisy and inconsistency, that by it some might know You...may we challenge each other--as iron sharpens iron--let the Body challenge and be challenged. We are your Bride, Lord, but I believe we are sleeping--wake us up! Wake me up, Lord Christ...

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Gabrielle said...

"awake, o sleeper,
rise up from the dead,
and Christ will give you light"
-ephesians 5:14