Saturday, June 14, 2008


Upon two fronts does this concept face me at present. First, in my summer geology course. San Antonio community college is proving a means by which I am coming to appreciate JBU in an entirely new way and gain perspective upon many fronts. My geology professor teaches and explains evolution as undeniable fact. It is not so much the "evolution" part that bothers me, because I am extremely open to its possibilities and that God perhaps used such mechanisms to propel this world; however, I find her dogmatic method maddening and insulting, for some reason. She speaks of science as one speaks of religion--odd?

My second is the concept of novel to film adaptation. I watched a particularly terrible adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time tonight with my papa and loathed it entirely--I honestly felt embarrassed for those who spawned the film and for the author of the book. I do not handle well the adaptation of a book or novel to film--perhaps I'm a purist, but for the love of all things good and holy--please do not insult a great work of literature by butchering it completely, please. The novel is overtly Christian and I fear perhaps that was a minor cause for the films failure. Why does it seem that most "Christian" productions, films, etc. are horribly cheesy, poorly made and not creative in the least. Is God the creator of all beauty, creativity? It is the church that ought to be producing greatness, but instead the world dominates...what are we going to do about it?

Adaptation...oh my.

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