Saturday, August 23, 2008

Expectations and attitudes

Expectations can ruin life. We enter situations with preconceived notions and understandings, only to come out disappointed, at least I do. I always have expectations--despite adamantly attempting to avoid them--and I am always disappointed. These lofty expectations, because they are always lofty, raise me up to the heights of anticipation and generally plummet me into the depths of despair, with equal weight and gravity. Accompanying these feelings of expectancy, are specific attitudes, which are directly related to the aforesaid expectations. I hate, rather I despise that I allow the delicate balance of my psyche to be determined by circumstances. It's maddening. I am not determined by my circumstances (this is self-medicated jargon). Yet, I cannot seem to escape the expectations that affect my mood, which result from my circumstances. "Life is a choice," a phrase which I have often heard quoted and misused, but it is truth. It is a choice to develop expectations, although I am beginning to disagree with this more and more based upon personality differences. But, it IS a choice how one chooses to respond to said expectations, which results in a certain attitude and outlook about life. I am not my circumstances and I CAN choose not to be controlled by them...easier said than done. Solution--don't have expectations--no. Solution--learn to react to said expectations according to reality--yes.

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