Monday, January 24, 2011

The greatness of self

Personal greatness has to be known before it can be affirmed. We, as individuals, have to learn and know the qualities that distinguish us from everyone else, in order to be confident and confirmed in who we are inherently. We cannot believe the good things people say about us if we don't believe such things ourselves. It's a problem of confidence, of belief in self and our own personal greatness. We have to learn ourselves, our faults and our fortes, our weaknesses and our strengths in order to have healthy self-perception and an accurate perception of self-worth and our own personal value. It takes time. Knowing oneself is a life-long process, I am certain, but conversely coming into a certain confidence of self must happen before so much else can occur. We must be able to recognize and embrace within ourselves the beautiful things that others can so easily see, but we ourselves are apt to ignore or remain blind to. We must learn our own greatness, and in this know ourselves a bit better. Self-discovery: a never-ending process of growth. Bring it on.

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