Friday, November 20, 2009

Falling for fiction

I have touched upon this topic previously; however, I believe it needs focused revisiting. As a society, we are hopelessly inundated by a fictional world. I posit that society, specifically the media, are at the greatest fault for this reality, or I suppose I should say non-reality. The majority of what we intake, as a society, is a gross unreality. Movies and television, on the whole, portray nothing but fictional living: fictional families, fictional friendships and fictional romances. I assert that the third is the most abused. Society is so trained by the Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett type love stories as "seen on TV" or as "seen in movies" that subconsciously such fiction has become the standard for our real-life romances. Has it not? Examine yourself. Perhaps I am speaking largely to females at this point, but it's universally applicable, I believe, because such delusions regarding life and romance affect both sexes. Women (and men) are trained, by society, by media, to assume certain things about relationships, and I believe them largely false. However, we believe such delusions, I assert because they are more comforting and desirable than the alternative realities. Am I wrong? Why then do we indulge in romance novels, chick flicks, (for example) as opposed to spending time in reality--because the fiction is more appealing. I also believe that said fictional delusions muddy or confound our perceptions of actual reality and genuine relationships, causing them to become unsatisfying in comparison with our created and indulged fantasies. Confound fiction. And confound media. But, moreover confound altogether our inability to impose discipline upon ourselves and maintain the distinction. Would that all fictional men were more like Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind and simply say, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" because that would be so much closer to the truth...

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