Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What makes life bearable? Manageable? Livable? Many things--but, for me, it's people. People make life worth living. Good or bad, individuals give value and meaning to my existence. My existence is ultimately to seek after and Glorify my Father, and I feel I do that predominately through my relationships with people. I am fascinated by people. I will never fully understand them, but I hope to spend my life attempting to learn more. I love people. I have been hurt by many, but I do not think I will ever cease to open myself up to the possibility, because with that comes the possibility not only for hurt, but for beautiful things that would not be possible without the other. It's worth it.

I had an incredible conversation tonight with an old, but good friend. We talked of transitions, ideals, hopes, dreams, passions, futures, jobs, and the like. It was utterly refreshing and stimulating: the kind of conversation you live for, the kind of conversation that rekindle the buried ideals of your heart. And it reminded me of one reason I love people--they inspire me. We talked a great deal about the fact that life is what you make it, what you bring to it, what you take away from it, etc. and I realized afresh--it's the damn truth. I can bemoan life eternally and miss it, or I can face it, embrace and ask my Father what He wants it to be. It's all about what you make it...

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