Monday, October 5, 2009


The resolve of humanity is weak. Or at least mine is. It seems that we are always making resolutions: new year's resolutions, resolutions to spend more time learning a foreign language, resolving to consume fewer calories and exercise more frequently, and on the whole, resolutions to be a better person. Yet, it also seems that people in general, me specifically, lack the gumption required to stick to said resolutions. And it's maddening. Is it weakness? Or simply laziness? Or is it something else altogether? I have yet to decide.

We all suffer from thwarted resolutions, whether by our own hand or by unforeseen outside forces. What does it take for resolutions to be pursued and actually maintained? Is it inevitable that our resolutions will fail? Or rather, has it become so customary that we expect nothing less, so our resolves begin frail and insipid? I feel positive outside forces are required. Accountability or incentive seems necessary for the weakness that is inherent in the resolve of humanity, or perhaps simply in my resolve...

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