Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's your major?

Have you ever noticed in casual conversation that people will often refer to their college major, and do so in the present tense. Like if someone, upon mentioning some obscure philosopher and receiving an odd look, will comment in response, "I'm a philosophy major." And this someone could potentially be a forty-year old woman who owns a coffee shop and is as far removed from higher education as twenty years and an espresso could make her; however, she remains forever a philosophy major. And I find this. Despite my recent graduation, I still find myself being referred to or referring to myself as an "English major." I wonder if it's an identity crisis. I believe so. It seems somehow one of the most singular things that defines a person in their lives. And it cannot be taken a way. Once an English major, always an English major, right? I hope so. Understanding that it doesn't define, but describes a person. Listen closely in your next conversation regarding economics or religion and just see if you don't find perhaps an economics or religion "major" in the bunch. It's interesting to discern what humanity clings to for identity's sake. Just listen.

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