Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fact or Fiction?

Society inundates and immerses its members in fiction. We are engulfed in continual non-reality. Media: movies, books, television, magazines, internet--all fantasy. It's not a wonder that the majority of humanity is perpetually discontent. We are somehow always striving towards an ideal, a standard that simply doesn't exist. Yet, we are so deeply entrenched in this non-reality, that we cannot understand why life is not "like in the movies." We want a life that only exists in the pages of our favorite novel, and we are continually disappointed when we discover that our own reality does not fit the ideal of our fictional worlds. Why is my husband not Mr. Darcy? Why don't I have Brad Pitt's body? Even if they are not these inane questions, but instead a deep-settled and unspoken unhappiness with reality, they exemplify the condition of society. I believe this obsession with fiction and disbelief in fact arise from the current culture. We are so surrounded by fiction and fantasy that our own realities seem dull in comparison. So what will we choose? Fact or fiction?

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