Monday, September 28, 2009


It is inevitable. It can be counted on. It is the only constant in the universe. We cannot escape it. It is change. I loath it, almost universally, but I am beginning to change my tune, if you will. If I learn to accept the inevitability of change, perhaps life will be less scary, less ridden with anxiety. I resist change so adamantly because of the comfort that accompanies the familiar. Everyone loves comfort, sameness, consistency, yet it cannot be had--at least not for long. We live in a universe where things are constantly changing, altering, growing; it is the nature of life. It is then contrary to nature to resist change, to put-at-bay the inevitable of existence. The uncertainness of change should bring excitement and anticipation of something different. The unknown. That is why I fear change. I have no ability to control what I cannot see or do not understand. I can control the known, the familiar. But, ultimately that is a false sense of control, because if the only constant in the universe is change, than I am continually functioning beneath a delusion. The crux of the issue is control. Change is being out of control. But, perhaps that's not so bad after all...

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