Friday, January 30, 2009

Things that leave a feeling of satisfaction.

1.) Sliding down banisters

2.) Waking up before your alarm and not feeling tired

3.) A sunrise experienced in silent contemplation

4.) A great cup of coffee or tea in the morning

5.) Birthdays had with good friends

6.) Laughter that draws tears of mirth

7.) A deep yawn

8.) A sigh of relief

9.) The world before it wakes up

10.) An indelible conversation

11.) Meals consumed at ease

12.) A fond embrace

13.) Gifts given in love

14.) Snow days

15.) Yoga

16.) A task accomplished

17.) Sweating after a workout

18.) Numbers that come in integers of five

19.) A good hair day

20.) Hand-written letters

21). Unsolicited admiration

22.) Genuine affection

23.) Grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold evening

24.) A newly sharpened pencil

25.) A good sneeze

26.) A skirt or dress with pockets

27.) Crossing something off a do-to-list

Additions to follow...

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Kinsley. said...

24.)creative non-fiction??!?!