Friday, January 30, 2009

The haze of time...

I feel as if I have been walking around in a daze as of late, a daze of Time. The passage of minutes, hours, days, and weeks seems to transfixed, and I am simply meandering along on a treadmill, going nowhere. I am perpetually moving, ever faster it seems, yet I often feel that I am simply remaining stationary. Will I ever reach a destination? Or is the very process the destination? I cannot tell. I am inclined to believe the latter, but who truly knows? I believe I live as if the destination is the goal, yet I fear I too often miss the point of it all. Time is extremely limiting, confining. Humanity is finite, limited. We are by our very nature confined by Time, yet we can choose within its context to get off the treadmill and go somewhere, or rather, we can become content with the's up to us.

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