Saturday, September 6, 2008

Inevitable moratlity and eternity

We are mortal, we must accept this. Although, it seems we spend much of our lives avoiding this reality. We seek means by which we may escape the inevitable--pain, aging, death, etc. Yet, it is these very things which make us human. We are made like a wheel, as said Mr. Tuck--and death is a part of the wheel. However, it is the portion after that part of the wheel that baffles and even terrifies my finite mind--eternity, infinity--forever. How does one even begin to grasp such a concept? I use to lay awake at night, in my childhood, pondering this idea of eternity and was often brought to tears by the sheer overwhelming vastness that infinity imposed upon my poor finite mind. I still cannot truly comprehend such incomprehensibility, yet I know this--I am mortal, yet immortal--how then to reconcile such a paradox? Perhaps this: live, die, and find out what comes next, for to wonder will only drive us mad...we can know only so much about the next life and the rest is simply conjecture. So live, but live well.

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