Friday, September 19, 2008

Time and Reflection...

Time is precious, yet how we waste it--or rather misunderstand it? We are given only an allotment and than it is gone. It is the same with life; we have only one life and when it is lived, that is all--the fat lady has sung--it is over. We live life, but most often do not stop to process it, chew on it, revel in it. Instead, we are pulled and stretched to the far ends of the earth by responsibilities and obligations, but we forget to go out our back door. Where are the pauses, the spaces for reflection? If life is simply a set of things to get through--why are we here? It will be little more than an endless mass of cyclical nothingness. We must stop. We must learn not only to live, but to be. We are here not simply to experience, but to sit and stew in those experiences. We must meet with life, but than we must also stop and allow it to meet with us. Current culture does not lend itself to this mentality, but we must fight. We must fight for space, for time, for reflection--for sanity. We cannot allow modernity to rob of us our right to be...we must rebel--otherwise, what is life?

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