Monday, September 17, 2007

The experience

I am baffled daily at what I am being allowed to experience in this place. I walk out my back door and am presented with the hugeness of the Mouren Mountains to my left, which conjure images of Narnia and perhaps even Middle Earth. I am within biking distance of the Irish sea coast, upon which I ran yesterday afternoon as the tide was coming in and crashing against the beautiful shore.
My housemate and I climbed the doons along the beach and then transversed the hilly countryside on our mountain bikes. In our explorations, we discovered the other side of the cove, on which our houses reside. We came down to the shore, resting our bikes along the path. We were both speechless as we took in the scene. The sun was brightly shining, but the rain was lightly falling on our heads, and directly in front of us was an unspeakably beautiful rainbow and its twin. It felt as if we were close enough to touch. I do believe we were as close to the foot of a rainbow that anyone could ever be, and I am sad to say, there was no pot of gold to be found.
There are so many experiences to recount...but I must draw this portion of the Chronicles to a close for now. I will resume when the world of technology is again available to me...farewell!

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