Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Country Karaoke in an Irish Pub

It was truly a unique experience. Our holiday homes are directly across the street from a pub called Maggie Murray’s, and every Friday night they have live, American, country karaoke. On the first Friday in our new home, the majority of our group decided to attend this intriguing event.
The DJ was playing honky tonk country music as I walked into the dimly lit pub. It was not yet very full, considering the early hour. I spied my friends and walked over to where they sat against the wall. I was quickly engaged in conversation by a middle aged Irishmen, who I had a very difficult time understanding due to his thick accent. He had worked in New York as a brick layer for five years and went on and on about how much he loves America. I could not honestly tell you his name, despite the fact that he told me about ten times, but I'm still not quite sure what he said. He was replaced by Donny, who had lived in Ireland his whole life and was quite sick of the place.
He was subsequently replaced by Dale, the young British army mechanic. I found I could much more easily understand Dale with his British accent. Dale found our "no drinking" policy quite interesting, but "admirable" he said. I noticed that many of the people in the pub had tattoos and a great many of them at that. Dale had a bit of one peeking out of his sleeve and told me it covered his entire back and front-oh my.
The Texans in our group (minus me) did a wonderful job of proudly representing our state and its infinite pride. I do not remember the last time I laughed with such force. One girl on our team, who did not seem to the rest of us to be the most outgoing type, stunned us all with a flamboyant performance on more than one occasion and song-and even spun Irishmen around at the bar to sing to them directly-it was an incredible memory.


danielle said...

lauren! i love reading your blog. your words are beautiful and inspiring. i'm so pleased to know you are enjoying yourself! amazing!
that pub sounds like fun...oh honky tonk. so who surprised you at singing?
i miss you and hope all the best for you!
love danielle

sojourner said...

Wow- we can be blog buddies- Although I never post on mine- I love you a lot Lauren

Meg said...

i love you super duper much Lauren. way to represent Texas pride in Northern Ireland