Monday, September 24, 2007

The Beach

Silence-silence is best when on a beach. Only then can you properly allow the sound of the waves to wash over your soul and mind. The undulating nature of the tide is a beautiful mirror of life and its ins and outs. Life fills and then recedes, just as the tide. One cannot depend upon consistency in life, which the waves communicate well. The sun reflects off of the water and brings warmth and purpose. The sea gulls swoop and dive for prey, their cry of life ringing in your ears. Tranquility and contemplation are aroused upon pacing the sands: each grain emulating the vastness of humanity. In addition, as one surveys the imprints of life left upon those sands, and then watches as the winds erase forever those impressions-one is reminded of the transience that is life. The beach is a refuge for the soul and solitude for the mind. Its silence offers what the noise of the world cannot.

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